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The underlying metal fused with the porcelain provides stability and strength to the crown. It has great aesthetic appeal and is most commonly preferred as it gives the restored tooth a natural look. They have a very high rate of success in the long run.


Healthy and durable, your Captek™ crown or bridge will last for years.

Captek™ is a unique technology for crowns and bridges.

IPS e-max Inlay/Onlay

Monolithic Inlay/Onlay give teeth stunning esthetics, excellent fit,
and prevents the dark gingival graying and black lines.

IPS e-max Layered Crown

emax-cut-back-900x444Thanks to the one common layering ceramic, all layered crowns feature
an expressive esthetic appearance. IPS e.max lithium disilicate crown
offers beautiful esthetics, precision fit and high flexural strength.