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Four seasons

The four seasons of a tooth recreated by Aim-FX Dental Arts technician.

Fx E-max Veneers

E-max lithium disilicate veneers offer beautiful esthetics, precision fit and high flexural strength. Joining this class of high-strength glass ceramics are our new Obsidian™ veneers. Made of lithium silicate ceramic, these veneers deliver lifelike esthetics and translucency combined with toughness that surpasses conventional ceramics.

FX Veneers

Fx Veneers

Created by Platinum Foil technique using multiple layers of high fusing porcelain, which are formulated to match the surrounding dentition. The veneer is made with the most advanced technology available while maintaining the lost art of feldspathic layering technique. While esthetically fulfilling any patient need; from color enhancement, to filling a gap or creating a vibrant smile, the crown will fulfill any patient’s need.